Frenger Systems is a customer-focused organisation, committed to the ownership and continual improvement of the quality system and processes.

The company has established objectives and key performance indicators to enable measurement of continual improvement.

The management team provide leadership to create and maintain an environment, which encourages the fulfilment of quality objectives. They have responsibility for ensuring that the quality policy is understood, implemented and complied with. The Quality Manual defines quality policy and how the process management requirements of ISO 9001:2015 have been addressed. All personnel are responsible for ensuring that each part of the quality system relevant to them, is operated in accordance with specified requirements.

We recognise that we have five main stakeholders in the business, and apply the following principles:


The need to maximise customer satisfaction and build long-term relationships. To only accept contracts for which we have the ability and expertise to satisfy.


To operate in an ethical and efficient manner, and provide a sufficient return on investment.


To provide a suitable and safe working environment, where all employees are considered to perform an important role, and be a member of the team. Provide an environment where employees can maximise their potential, and are encouraged to support and help others.


To form long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with key suppliers.


To provide local and national employment opportunities and to minimise any adverse environmental impact.