Frenger supplies 'Exposed' X-Wing Radiant Passive Chilled Beams to Riverside House, Salford, Manchester

Riverside House, Salford

Frenger Systems have manufactured and supplied their 'Exposed' X-Wing Radiant Passive Chilled Beams to Riverside House, Manchester. The property, located in Salford, UK, sits within the New Bailey Scheme and with the help of Frenger's Chilled Beams, has achieved a BREEAM 'Excellent' rating.

The original 19th century façade on two sides of the building have been retained and are now blended with its new modern design building extension to create a truly unique property where new meets old and provides an ultra-energy-efficient office environment with Thermal Comfort for the occupants at the heart of the design. The new development has more than doubled the original footprint and has even added an additional floor level.

Riverside House, Salford

The use of Frenger's 'Exposed' X-Wing Radiant Chilled Beams will not only help provide effective energy efficient cooling to the new innovative office space, but they will also deliver an excellent indoor climate environment which is essential for employee Wellbeing and energy performance.

X-Wing Radiant Passive Chilled Beams are most energy efficient in their own right, but by also incorporating LED lighting (in-house designed and manufactured by Frenger) helps to reduce the buildings carbon footprint and being 100% prefabricated and factory tested as part of the Chilled Beam. This also saves on precious installation time and removes any on-site coordination issues.

X-Wing is constructed from copper and aluminium and is 100 percent recyclable. The copper coil is produced by Frenger's in house fully automatic bespoke "state of the art" full CNC serpentine bending machine. This produces seamless sinusoidal copper coils (without any joins, hence no risk of water leakage) up to 6m in length, with up to 12 water passes at 70mm tube centres. The aluminium radiant "wings" are produced in house by bespoke power press and roll forming machines, all of which are then assembled by Frenger's fully automatic CNC controlled machine which mechanically bonds the "radiant wings" to be in metal to metal contact with the seamless copper waterways.

X-Wing Passive Chilled Beam

X-Wing provides cooling by both convection and "Radiation". The radiant proportion creates no air movement, the only air movement comes from the convective proportion. As cold water passes through the chilled beam the warm room air is cooled against the beam's cooler surfaces. This cooled air, which is heavier due to its higher density, then streams through the punched louvres in the radiant wings and percolates through the small ceiling perforations into the room space below (when concealed). In this way air is circulated within the room, with warm air from the room being continually replaced by cooled air.

Frenger have 3 Climatic Test Laboratories, 2 Photometric Laboratories, and 1 Acoustic Laboratory at their Technical Facility and HQ, predominantly situated at the prestigious Pride Park, Derby.

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