Chilled Beams

Frenger has a wealth of experience in the design, development and manufacture of heating and cooling systems dating back some 80 years. We also have a proven track record of delivering some of the worlds largest and most complex Chilled Beam projects. We employ professional project managers, designers, mechanical and electrical engineers to ensure all Chilled Beams are designed and manufactured to the highest possible quality. We can not only model the heating, cooling and lighting performance using various specialist software, but using our full in-house testing capabilities we can undertake project specific testing in our climatic test laboratories, our acoustic testing laboratory, to measure product sound levels and our two photometric test laboratories, which are used to evaluate the performance and aid in the product of luminaires.

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Frenger's vast range of Active Chilled Beam solutions have been specifically designed to be either integrated into suspended ceiling systems or for fully exposed installations. By designing and manufacturing both ceiling integrated and fully exposed beams, we ensure that we can meet any specific project requirements. The beams fit easily into the most common ceiling designs and have removable faceplates that can be perforated to match perforated metal ceilings where required.

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Frenger's Radiant Passive Chilled Beams employ convective and radiant cooling principles and are designed to deliver high cooling duties (up to 370 W/m) with no noise and minimal air movement. The beams are manufactured from a seamless single sinusoidal copper coil which means there are absolutely no joints in the beam and therefore eliminates the risk of leaks, it can also be installed within shallow ceiling voids to maximise floor to ceiling / underside of beam. 40% radiant absorption significantly reduces air movement below the beam.

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Frenger is a market leader in the design, manufacture and supply of Multi-Service Chilled Beams (MSCB's). These prefabricated units facilitate energy efficient water driven cooling, heating, fresh air supply, lighting and pretty much whatever else you want to integrate to provide flexible 'Plug n Play' space conditioning that can be tailored in terms of appearance (to meet architectural requirements) and the services provided. In this way, Multi-Service Chilled Beams can help to create attractive, comfortable and productive working environments.

  • Prefabricated offsite in a safe & controlled environment
  • Reduce waste on-site and carbon footprint
  • Reduced on-site installation programme
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Frenger Systems® have a wealth of experience of 'Healthcare' applications stemming back some 80 years when Frenger Troughton Young pioneered the supply and installation of Frenger Heated Ceilings to most, if not all hospitals in the United Kingdom.

Currently Frenger® mainly utilise their Active Chilled Beam technology to provide the heating as an integral part of the water driven cooling and fresh (filtered) air ventilation system, with shallow depth constructed Active Chilled Beams (ACB) units that are purposely designed for 'Healthcare' applications.

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