Armis LST Radiator Cover

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One of the most common ways of heating an area is via radiators at low wall level. Radiators can have surface temperatures of up to 80°C. At 60°C surface temperature, radiators can cause 3rd degree burns from only five seconds of skin contact and this poses a greater risk to the young, ill, or elderly.

The solution to the above potential situation would be to use Ceiling Mounted Radiant Panels which also frees up wall spaces. Alternatively, fit one of Frenger's Armis Low Surface Temperature (LST) Radiator Covers over an existing radiator to create a gap between the radiator and LST whilst having a negligible effect on the heat output of the radiator.

Armis LST Radiator Cover Installed

Armis LST Radiator Cover Product Description

Frenger's Armis LST Covers can be manufactured any length to suit your project and up to 3m long in one piece, which covers most radiators. The cover can fit over the whole radiator or have apertures for the fitment of TRV or pipework. The casing is easily removable to allow access to the radiator for cleaning and maintenance.

In areas where the reduction in the spread of infection is required, Frenger's Armis LST covers can be supplied with a Healthcare model complete with an Anti-Bacterial powder coat finish in any Standard RAL colour.

The unit is manufactured from 1.5mm thick Zintec steel as standard with an option to manufacture from 2mm thick Zintec steel for greater robustness. Also available in 2mm thick Aluminium on request.

LST Radiator Cover Sloped Top

All of Frenger's Armis LST covers can be manufactured to any overall length (maximum single section length is 3m) with multiple sections used to make up longer continuous lengths. Frenger® can also supply colour match Pipe Boxing to cover exposed pipework connecting to the internal radiator.

Frenger's Armis can accommodate a number of third-party valves, controls and other ancillary products (contact Frenger® directly for details), alternatively Frenger® offer a number of product / components to aid in the installation of Armis LSTs.

These include Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRV), Thermostatic Radiator Value Angled (TRVA), Thermostatic Radiator Valve Straight (TRVS), Lockshield Valve Angled (LSVA), Lockshield Valve Straight (LSVS), or 90° Integration Elbow (IE). Alternatively, Frenger can also supply the radiator without a valve and instead an aperture.

LST Radiator Covers Key Features

  • Safe surface temperatures in your work environment, minimising the risk of injury
  • LST Covers available as horizontal, vertical, or bespoke wall mounted units
  • Easy to install with the supplied wall and floor mounting bracketry
  • Manufactured from 1.5mm thick Zintec
  • Available with either a square top or sloping top
  • Simple cover removal to allow cleaning & maintenance
  • Minimal amount of external fixings
  • Made to measure to suit site requirements (site dimensions by others)
  • Finished in RAL 9016 white powder coat as standard. Other RAL colours are available
  • Can be supplied with Anti-Bacterial finish on request
  • Multiple perforation patterns available
  • Can be supplied with aperture to allow for Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRV)

Colour Options

Colour helps to create atmosphere within a space, the Armis LST Radiator Cover provides a unique way to integrate colour into different environments.

Frenger's Armis LST Radiator Covers are powder coated in white or black as standard, Frenger® also offer a range of RAL colour options to suit any architectural aesthetics (other colours available on request).

LST Radiator Cover Colour Options

Research has been done into the effects different colours have on wellbeing and from this their suitability for different environments has been established.

Blue has been found to induce calmness and improve concentration, it's mental benefits make it a perfect choice for learning environments such as classrooms, red has been shown to have more physical effects, encouraging activity, yellow is associated with creativity and is ideal for creative workspaces, neutral and cool tones are more suited for healthcare environments but depending on the purpose it can be useful to include colour such as for children's hospitals to provide stimulation.

Armis Healthcare LST Covers

Typically Low Surface Temperature radiator covers are very useful items for preventing injuries which can be caused by the hot surface of the radiator, however, conventionally they have been manufactured to be installed fixed to the floor or the wall.

Conventional LST Covers by others maybe suitable for many applications however it can make it difficult to clean the radiator and the internals of the case as the whole case needs to be removed and this can make cleaning of the radiator and case in buildings such as hospitals which require regular cleaning of all surfaces quite difficult. Some units may come in multiple parts, require complete disassemble or need multiple people to move for larger units.

Armis LST Radiator Cover Installed

Conventional LST Covers inevitably increases maintenance costs; staffing costs/requirements and increases the time to clean all radiators in a building leaning to a continuous schedule of cleaning the radiators and cases.

Also, radiator guards where the inside surfaces and the radiator have not been cleaned can become a haven for the growth of bacteria, which can be distributed by the convective nature of a radiator, especially dangerous in healthcare environments.

To combat this, Frenger® have introduced the Armis Healthcare LST radiator cover which not only helps prevent occupants from injuries due to hot radiator surface temperatures but is combined with a swing down front cover which allows easy (quarter turn key entry / locking) access to all internal surfaces of the radiator and the cover.

This enables easy cleaning of the case and radiator but also the cleaning/maintenance can be performed by one person quickly and efficiently without having to disassemble the case or the use of extra Facilities/Estates staff. This ultimately reduces maintenance time & staffing requirements and therefore reduces the overall maintenance costs and most importantly raises hygiene standard.

The cover is manufactured from 1.5mm thick Zintec steel and is finished with Anti-Bacterial RAL 9016 powder coat to all external & internal surfaces (other colours are available).

Healthcare Radiator Cover

The Swing Down front cover hinges from the bottom and is fitted with a safety cord at the top on both sides to allow the front cover to swing down steadily and not drop onto the floor. The front cover can also be completely removed to help with access for maintenance.

Covers can be manufactured up to 2.2m in length in a single section to accommodate most standard radiators. If longer covers are required, please contact Frenger® to discuss your project requirements.

Healthcare LST Radiator Covers Key Features

  • Swing Down front cover for easy access to internal surfaces and radiator. Cover is lockable via security fixings
  • All internal & external surfaces finished in RAL 9016 Antibacterial powder coat finish as standard. Other colours available
  • Manufactured from 1.5mm thick Zintec Steel. 2mm thick Zintec casings available for secure applications
  • Perforated grilles to allow heated air to be circulated but also prevents objects and fingers touching the heated radiator surface
  • Can be provided with apertures to allow for fitment of TRVs or pipe pass through
  • Quarter turn access / security locking

Armis Continuous - Bespoke Perimeter System

Continuous LST Radiator System

In addition to their standard Armis LST radiators, Frenger® also have the capability to produce bespoke sizes to help overcome challenges encountered on projects. The Armis Continuous is available as both sloped and flat topped and can be custom designed to fit various room shapes.

The Armis Continuous LST Radiator Cover variant is designed to fit radiators of various sizes and shapes, effortlessly adapting to any room's unique dimensions. Whether you have a small alcove or a larger open space, this bespoke LST cover ensures an aesthetically pleasing fit.

Continuous LST Radiator Cover

Installing and maintaining these bespoke LST covers is made easy due to its user-friendly design that enables quick access to the radiator, simplifying the cleaning process and ensuring hassle-free maintenance.

Armis Continuous Key Features

  • Option of security screws/fixings or quarter turn locking latches to allow for quick removal of cover for access to the radiator for cleaning and maintenance
  • Bespoke designed to fit any room dimensions
  • As with the standard Armis, the Armis Continuous can be supplied in any RAL classic colour to suit any aesthetic and anti-bacterial coated if required
  • Can be supplied with Frenger's TRV valves or with apertures to accommodate a variety or other valves

Frenger® Radiator Options

Frenger's Armis® is designed to accommodate most major radiator brands but can also be supplied with Frenger's FRE and FREv ranges of wall mounted radiators.

Frenger's Horizontal Radiator

Frenger's Horizontal Radiator

Frenger's wall mounted radiators offer excellent quality with high heating performance and cover a wide selection of sizes. All Frenger's wall mounted radiators have RAL 9016 (Traffic White) waterproof coating.

The FRE range of horizontal radiators is available in three models (R1, R2 and R3). These provide options for radiator depths and heating performance.

The FRE radiators are some of the slimmest on the market and can be mounted either "horizontally" or "vertically", due to their symmetrical design that features heating convertors welded onto the waterways of the radiator.

Frenger's Vertical Radiator'

FREv - Vertical Radiator

The FREv double panel vertical radiators are 1800mm in height and are available in 400, 500 and 600mm lengths with a 129mm installation depth.

Armis LST Radiator Cover Quotation Enquiry

Fill out the quotation enquiry form below with your information and a member of Frenger's technical team will get in touch soon after.

For orders with multiple LST Radiator Cover designs / parameters, click the 'Insert Another Row' button at the bottom of the table to add in more rows or the 'Delete Row' button to remove the last row if too many have been added.

Please check height and widths for model ref. in product brochure.
DD = Ø7mm & Ø4mm 'Double Dot'.
7D = Ø7mm Dot.
5S = 5mm x 20mm Wide Slot.
DMD = Diamond Shaped.
LST Cover
Recommended at least 175mm longer than the radiator (depending on valve arrangement).
LST Cover
All RAL Classic Colours available:
For additional colours email:
Is an aperture required to accommodate a Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV). TRV supplied by others.
Design altered to suit hospital walls, allows for easy access for cleaning, anti-bacterial finish.

If you require any further information, or have a project to discuss, please contact us on 61 2 9006 1147 or as our technical team are here to assist.