Frenger's X-Wing® - Radiant Passive Chilled Beam product image

Principles and Benefits of "Radiant" Passive Chilled Beams

Frenger's X-Wing® Chilled Beam represents the very latest development in passive beam technology. X-Wing® employs convective and "Radiant" cooling principles and is designed to deliver high cooling duties (up to 370 watts per meter) with no noise and minimal air movement.

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An image showing Frenger's X-Wing® - Radiant Passive Chilled Beam

X-Wing® - "Radiant" Passive Chilled Beam

X-Wing® is one of Frenger's latest range of next generation Chilled Beams. Energy efficiency has been a key driver for such advancements in Frenger's Chilled Beam Technology.

X-Wing® is only 125mm deep and can achieve up to 370 watts per meter as an exposed passive "Radiant" / convective cooling unit and up to 170 watts/m2 when concealed behind an S5046 perforated metal ceiling (both sets of maximum performance are based on 10dTK).

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