X-Wing® Passive Chilled Beam

X-Wing® is one of Frenger's latest range of next generation Chilled Beams. Energy efficiency has been a key driver for such advancements in Frenger's Chilled Beam Technology.

X-Wing® is only 125mm deep and can achieve up to 370 watts per meter as an exposed passive "Radiant" / convective cooling unit and up to 170 watts/m2 when concealed behind an S5046 perforated metal ceiling (both sets of maximum performance are based on 10dTK).

NB. The above performance figures are waterside cooling and no inclusion made for any additional cooling effect from any separate supply air system for respiratory requirements.

X-Wing® contains a number of patented performance enhancing features, as can be expected from the Frenger brand.

X-Wing® is constructed from copper and aluminium and is 100 percent recyclable. The copper coil is produced by Frenger's in house fully automatic bespoke "state of the art" full CNC serpentine bending machine. This produces seamless sinusoidal copper coils (without any joins, hence no risk of water leakage) up to 6m in length, with up to 12 water passes at 70mm tube centres. The aluminium radiant "wings" are produced in house by bespoke power press and roll forming machines, all of which are then assembled by Frenger's fully automatic CNC controlled machine which mechanically bonds the "radiant wings" to be in metal to metal contact with the seamless copper waterways.

The finished products are hydraulically tested to 17 bar positive pressure as standard before automatic machine wrapping and packaging.

Frenger, have automated the vast majority of processes for this particular next generation product to ensure that the highest levels of quality are both repeatable and consistent at all times.


X-Wing® provides cooling by both convection and "Radiation". The radiant proportion creates no air movement, the only air movement comes from the convective proportion. As cold water passes through the chilled beam the warm room air is cooled against the beam's cooler surfaces. This cooled air, which is heavier due to it's higher density, then streams through the punched louvres in the radiant wings and percolates through the small ceiling perforations into the room space below (when concealed). In this way air is circulated within the room, with warm air from the room being continually replaced by cooled air.

In addition to this convective cooling process, the cold surfaces of the beam (the radiant wings / 4 per waterway) also absorb heat radiation from the building occupants and the warmer surrounding surfaces. X-Wing's® radiant quotient is approximately 40% of the total cooling effect (the other 60% of cooling being generated by the convective cooling effect described above). The ability of X-Wing® to cool by radiation means that, when compared to a finned tube battery, X-Wing® can deliver 40% more cooling without any additional risk of draft.

The efficiency of the convection process, coupled with the ability of the product to exchange energy by way of long-wave radiation, means that X-Wing® retains a high cooling effect even when the air temperature in the room is relatively low (e.g. at night or when the building is unoccupied). In this way large amounts of cold energy can be stored in the building structure during low load periods, and used to offset heat gains when the need arises.

X-Wing® Passive Chilled Beam

At a glance

  • Shallow Depth unit (only 125mm).
  • Only 65mm clearance required behind unit and as little as 252mm total ceiling construction.
  • Widths available 0.4m, 0.54m, 0.68m and 0.82m.
  • Lengths available 1.2m up to 6.0m in increments of 8cm.
  • Can be installed exposed or ideal for "concealed" applications such as behind perforated metal ceilings or within architectural metal ceilings such for ceiling integration or freely suspended Multi Service Chilled Beams.
  • Eliminated risk of water leakage. No joints in the copper coil, just one continuous serpentine for all product widths up to 4m long and up to 6m long for up to 0.54m wide models (only 2 joints for 0.68m and 0.82m wide models over 4m in length).
  • Specialist black coating for smooth, long lasting, easy to clean, uniform finish that increase the radiant absorption coefficient for the product.
  • 40 percent more allowable passive cooling for X-Wing® without increased draft risk, this is due to X-Wings® "Radiant" quotient as compared to passive fin coil convective cooling products by others.
  • Can be installed above light fittings with no loss of performance.
  • Provides indoor climate in accordance with BS EN ISO 7730.

X-Wing Projects

If you require any further information, or have a project to discuss, please contact us on 00 61 2 9006 1147 or sales@frenger.com.au as our technical team are here to assist.