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What are Active Chilled Beams?

Active Chilled Beams are a water driven cooling (and heating if required as a 4-pipe unit) unit which is also powered by forced ventilation, also known as a terminal unit.

The circulation of chilled water through the aluminium finned block coil makes the aluminium fins cold (note: Chilled Beams operate above dew point, hence typically 14°C chilled water flow, thus no condensation tray or condensation pumps and/or drains required, unlike other HVAC equipment) and similarly low temperature hot water (typically limited to 50°C flow to avoid room stratification) for heating is circulated via separate copper waterways sharing the same aluminium finned block.

An Active Chilled Beam operates using a primary fresh air supply (each beam is connected to the mains ventilation duct work) to offer increased output from the coil (heat exchanger). Active Chilled Beams provide sensible cooling or heating to the space through induction and forced convection.

An Active Chilled Beam is supplied with a primary fresh air supply (dehumidified primary fresh air) from the AHU and main duct work which is delivered through a pressurized plenum. The dehumidified primary fresh air supply from the AHU (which should be designed to handle the latent load) is delivered through nozzles in order to create a negative pressure behind the coil, inducing room air through the heating/cooling coil.

The induced room air is then mixed with the primary fresh air supply and the conditioned air should be carefully discharged back into the space to ensure high comfort levels are maintained. Active Beams should be utilized when sensible cooling, heating, and ventilation air are required.

Typical applications are Education facilities, Commercial Office buildings, Hospitals, Hotel rooms, Laboratories and other environments that may have moderate to high sensible heat loads or building retrofits where space for new mechanical equipment may be limited are all good applications for Active Chilled Beams.

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