Warwick CPRL Wall Mounted Chilled Ceiling Panel

The Wall Mounted Chilled Radiant panels are thick smooth faced aluminium panels which are pre-painted with a tough powder coat finish. These panels are designed to be either mounted horizontally or vertically on the wall using stainless steel wall mounting brackets.

Wall Mounted Chilled Ceiling Panel

Copper pipes are expanded under pressure into extruded aluminium pipe seats, therfore providing high metal-to-metal contact and the pipe seats are bonded to the rear of the steel panels. All sinusoidal copper coils are produced in-house by Frenger® using its cutting-edge CNC serpentine bend machine from thousand metre drums of copper. This therefore leads to no joints in the copper pipes and no risk of leaks whatsoever.

Render of Wall Mounted Chilled Ceiling Panel

The technology employed in the construction of the panel results in a very high cooling capacity at low water mass flow rates.

In-house Testing Facilities

Frenger® have at their Pride Park facility in Derby, UK, in-house Photometric Lighting Laboratory for mapping the lighting distribution (Polar Curve) and an Integration Chamber for proving the LOR (light output ratio) to compliment their three Climatic Laboratories and also an Acoustic Laboratory.

If you require any further information, or have a project to discuss, please contact us on 61 2 9006 1147 or sales@frenger.com.au as our technical team are here to assist. Frenger Systems also offer in-depth Remote Design Support Meetings with our design engineers located at our UK headquarters in Pride Park, Derby.