An image showing Frenger's Modula - Radiant Heating Panel

Modula - Radiant Heating Panel

Modula is an unobtrusive modular heating cassette. The cassettes are manufactured from 1.0mm thick smooth-faced steel panels and are designed to be integrated within a standard 24mm exposed grid ceiling system. Copper pipes are expanded under pressure into extruded aluminium pipe seats to give high metal-to-metal contact and the pipe seats are then securely fixed to the rear of the steel panels.

Consequently, the arrangement delivers excellent heat transfer characteristics. Panels are insulated with 25mm thick class 'O'' foil 'wrapped' mineral wool insulation 45kg/m3 density. The technology employed in the construction of the cassette results in very high heating capacity at low water mass flow rates.

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The Frengerwarm - Radiant Heating Panel from Frenger Systems product image

Frengerwarm - Radiant Heating Panel

Frengerwarm is a system of custom made, smooth faced aluminium or steel panels manufactured to any length to suit the application. Panels can be wall mounted, free-hanging, surface mounted or recessed into a suspended ceiling system. Copper pipes are fixed rigidly to the rear of the aluminium panels and heat transfer is enhanced by extruded aluminium pipes seats. Panels are backed with 50mm thick foil-backed class '0' insulation, and are finished polyester powdercoat white RAL9010 as standard.

Frengerwarm has been specifically developed for use in schools, sports hallls, offices and healthcare environments, where a smooth faced panel with high heating capacity is the preferred solution. Frengerwarm is tested in accordance with the new harmonised European Standard EN 14037.

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NOMS Approved Prison Radiant Heating Panel

NOMS Approved Prison Radiant Heating Panel

NOMS Approved Prison Panels from Frenger® heat via water-carrying copper coils which are fixed within extruded Aluminium pipe seats. In turn, the pipe seats are securely bonded to the robust 2.0mm thick Steel outer casing. To optimise heat emission the heat is directed into the room by a layer of mineral wool insulation fitted to the reverse of the panel over the Copper coil.

The units are made up into sets comprising at least one active section and a number of 'dummy' sections all to suit any particular environment and to simplify the installation process. All panels are finished in a tough polyester paint finish.

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