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Frenger Systems® is a leading manufacturer of innovative Chilled Beam technology that prioritises Thermal Comfort for building occupants. With a focus on sustainable HVAC solutions, Frenger® has developed their Chilled Beams to be energy-efficient and provide excellent Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

One of the key technologies Frenger® can integrate into the design of their Chilled Beams is Air Management Discharge Vane technology, which ensures optimal air distribution and minimising unwanted air turbulence.

As highlighted in the video, without Air Management Discharge Vane technology, a Chilled Beam's air distribution would take on a 'bullet shape', which can result in converging air streams that disrupt the Thermal Comfort for occupants.

However, Frenger's use of air management discharge vane technology results in a 'fan-shaped' distribution of air that eliminates converging air streams and ensures optimal Thermal Comfort for building occupants.

By prioritising Thermal Comfort and energy efficiency, Frenger's Chilled Beam technology is an ideal solution for any building owner, architect, or consultant looking to create an energy-efficient and comfortable indoor environment.

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