Frenger Supplies Dogger Bank Wind Farm Operations and Maintenance Base with Multi-Service Chilled Beams (MSCB)

Dogger Bank Wind Farm

Frenger® supplied the Dogger Bank Wind Farm Operations and Maintenance (O&M) base with their Slimline Compact Active Multi-Service Chilled Beam units, X-Wing® 'Radiant' Passive Chilled Beams, and their Frenger EC Electric Radiant Heating Panels.

The use of Frenger's highly efficient HVAC solutions provides building occupants with excellent Thermal Comfort as they work to power over 6 million British homes through building the 'world's largest offshore wind farm'.

Once all three stages are completed and delivered, the Wind Farm will have the capacity to generate over 3.6 GW with an expected operational life of over 35 years.

Dogger Bank Wind Farm is currently being developed through a partnership consisting of SSE Renewables (40%), Equinor (40%), and Vårgrønn (20%) with SSE Renewables leading the development and Equinor operating the wind farm on completion circa 2023 and 2025.

Inside Dogger Bank O&M Base

The Operations and Maintenance building, adjoined by the CCR building also supplied by Frenger®, is the first resident of the Tyne Clean Energy Park part of the larger Port of Tyne.

Utilising low carbon materials in its construction, such as a Glue Laminated Timber (Glulam) frame and Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) roof and floor slabs, the base is being built and operated in line with UK Green Building Councils (UKGBC) Net Zero Carbon Framework.

Completed Q4 2022, the base contains the infrastructure required to operate Dogger Bank Wind Farm including office, training, and welfare space for around 200 people and support the 277 offshore wind turbines.

Active Multi-Service Chilled Beam (MSCB) Units

Frenger's Multi-Service Chilled Beam (MSCB) units take their Chilled Beam technology and couple it up with LED lighting and other additional building services.

These other services include PIR, Photocell and CO2 sensors, Control Valves, PA/VA speakers and the units can also be coordinated to conceal sprinkler header pipework and allow independently supported sprinkler heads to neatly pass through the MSCB units.

Multi-Service Chilled Beam render

Frenger's Compact Multi-Service Chilled Beam

Frenger's MSCB units are 100% prefabricated and fully factory tested 'Plug n Play' integrated service module which saves onsite installation and the need for a suspended ceiling system and therefore creating the appearance of greater volumetric space.

Due to their excellent design capabilities, Frenger can design their MSCB units with a wide variety of bespoke architectural design aesthetics, with a 'Bullnose' lighting profile being the preferred lighting aesthetic for the Dogger Bank Operations and Maintenance base.

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X-Wing® 'Radiant' Passive Chilled Beams

Frenger® also supplied the Operations & Maintenance and CCR buildings with their X-Wing® 'Radiant' Passive Chilled Beams completed with a RAL 9006 powder coat finish.

X-Wing® employs both convective and 'Radiant' cooling principles and is designed to deliver high cooling duties with no noise and minimal air movement, providing excellent Thermal Comfort for the benefit of building occupants.

Passive Chilled Beam render

Frenger's X-Wing® 'Radiant' Passive Chilled Beams

The X-Wing® is manufactured from copper (up to 65% recycled materials) and aluminium; making the unit 100% recyclable at the end of its long product life, whilst also meeting the aim of using sustainable solutions for the construction of the project.

Another benefit for the use of Frenger's X-Wing® Passive Chilled Beams is that they guarantee no risk of water leakage due to the unique method of construction of the beam.

The seamless sinusoidal copper coil used within the beam is produced by Frenger's in-house fully automated full CNC serpentine bend machine which produces the coil with no joints whatsoever from thousand metre drums of copper.

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Frenger EC Electric Radiant Panel

Frenger's EC Electric Radiant Panel completes the HVAC solutions supplied by Frenger® to the Operations & Maintenance and CCR buildings at Dogger Bank.

Frenger's EC Electric Radiant Panels provides radiant heat that is concentrated to the occupied area and therefore minimises energy losses through the stratification of heated air.

Electric Heating Panel render

Frenger's EC Electric Radiant Panel

Frenger's Electric Radiant Panels can be any size and shape and consists of an electric heating coil encased in a smooth faced white painted steel panel and insulated on the rear to project the heat as forward emission.

The panel gently radiates low temperature heat to floors, walls, and objects within the occupied space. The system is simple, inexpensive to install and maintenance free.

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