Frenger supplies Electric Radiant Panels to Corsham Digital Mansion

Image showing the Corsham Digital Mansion Building

Corsham Mansion has been transformed from just a listed heritage building into a mix of 'new meets old' to create a business and Innovation hub as part of a complete redevelopment and substantial multi-million-pound building extension which included FRENGER's electric radiant heating throughout.

Image showing Frenger's Electric Radiant Panels within Corsham Digital Mansion

The new build extension creates a magnificent modern new main entrance at ground floor level which also has meeting and seminar rooms, networking areas and exhibition space. There are new lifts and stair case to the first and second floor levels which are populated with flexible office space targeted to be let to tenants within the digital business markets. The mix of new and upgrades to old services are beloved to be well received.

"New services throughout will mean less visual clutter, better efficiency and greater level of comfort."

Alex Bell - Director of DKA

Frenger were chosen to supply their Electric Radiant Heating Panels to provide gentle, evenly distributed and comfortable heating throughout the property. The Frenger radiant heating panels output heat by means of long wave radiation which is a most pleasant and comfortable method of heating, similar to that of stepping out of the shade into the sun shine as it is fairly instantaneous.

Frenger's electric radiant panels are ideal to use for general heating of both small and large areas where installation heights are between 2.4 - 3.6m above finished floor level.

Image showing Frenger's EnergoCassette Electric Radiant Heating Panel

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