New Radiant Heating Panel Project - Jedburgh Grammar Campus

Jedburgh Grammar Campus

Frenger are proud to have recently supplied the new Jedburgh Grammar Campus in the Scottish borders with its range of Modula Radiant Heating Panels.

The Jedburgh Grammar Campus, which was part of the 'Schools for the Future' programme, is an innovative teaching facility for children from 2 to 18 years old, as well as providing further education opportunities and community facilities. The new campus replaces the current Jedburgh Grammar School, and former Parkside & Howdenburn primary schools in the town. It now has provision for nursery, primary, secondary and additional support needs pupils. Community facilities also include a multi-use games area, 2G hockey pitch, 3G sports pitch, 100m synthetic running track, 300m grass track and gym.

Frenger were selected to supply their Modula Radiant Heating panels to the building to provide comfortable, affordable and energy-efficient heating throughout the building.

Radiant Heating Panels in Jedburgh Grammar Campus

Frenger's Modula range of Radiant Heating Panels are available as 'SP' (Standard Performance) and 'HP' (High Performance) and as a ceiling recessed panel or a free hanging (exposed) panel with fully welded and linished corners for superior aesthetics. The unobtrusive modular heating cassettes are manufactured in house by Frenger, here in the UK and constructed from smooth-faced Zintec to which extruded aluminium heat exchanger pipe seats are fully bonded. Copper heat coils are inserted into the pipe seats for excellent heat transfer characteristics.

The 15mm OD copper coils are produced in-house on Frenger's state of the art full CNC serpentine bend machine from thousand meter drums of copper to make heating coils without any joints what so ever and to safe guard against risks of leakage. Frenger can provide tube centres as close as 70mm. Panels are insulated with class 'O' foil 'wrapped' mineral wool insulation pads of 45kg/m3 density. The technology employed in the construction of Frenger's radiant heating panels result in very high heating capacity, all of which are designed, developed and tested in Frenger's in house climatic test laboratories and are also independently tested and certified to EN13047.

Radiant Heating Panels in Jedburgh Grammar Campus

The Jedburgh Campus project has recently been shortlisted in the Best Education category at the Partnerships Awards.

Project Team
Architect: Stallan-Brand Architects
Main Contractor: BAM Construction
M&E Contractor: FES Group