Frenger® Supplies The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine's new Tavistock Place Facility

Outside London Tropical Medicine School

Frenger® are proud to have supplied The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicines Tavistock Place building with their range of Eco Active Chilled Beams and Halo Active Chilled Beams.

A world leading research and education facility, The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine is renowned for its work toward improving public and global health, developing innovative programmes which help against major threats to global health.

Ranked third in the world for public health, the school has over 3,500 staff members working in over 100 countries worldwide along with 4,700 students, with the school's main buildings located in London, Bloomsbury at Keppel Street and Tavistock Place.

The school receives $373 million (NZD) funding per year from sources worldwide to help towards making impactful and sustainable research into UK and Global health threats.

Expanding their facilities, the construction works of Tavistock Place began in June 2020 consisting of two stages of work. Stage one involved the enabling works and stage two was the construction of the new Tavistock Place building.

Inside London Tropical Medicine

Originally where a milk depot building once stood the site was transformed into the modern and sophisticated Tavistock Place research facility.

The new six-storey building will aid in the learning and development of staff and students, providing new research and office facilities, with purpose built dry laboratories and accommodation helping to expand the limits of research in epidemiology and public health problems.

Tropical Medicine School Chilled Beams

Eco Active Chilled Beams

Frenger® supplied the facility with both Exposed and Ceiling Integrated Eco Active Chilled Beams, providing students and other building occupants with fresh air delivery and water-driven heating and cooling, all of which are low maintenance, low carbon, energy-efficient, and create excellent levels of Thermal Comfort.

As can be expected from a market-leading HVAC manufacturer, Frenger's Eco Active Chilled Beams (CICBs) contain a number of patented performance enhancing features including the “burst nozzle” arrangement, which helps to not only encourage induction, but also provides reduced noise levels from the beam.

Eco Chilled Beam

Utilising the burst nozzle arrangement helps to provide consistent jet velocities, with an equal distribution of air discharge and continuous induction through the entire length of the heat exchanger battery for optimum heating and cooling performance.

Halo Active Chilled Beams

Frenger's Halo Active Chilled Beams have a true 360-degree air distribution pattern which allows for a higher supply air volume to be delivered comfortably given the increased discharge at ends of the product. This can be beneficial where ceiling space is at a premium.

Halo Chilled Beam

This also helps to deliver a good indoor air quality whilst maintaining low air velocities and therefore lower air movement in the occupied space, which can help reduce airborne transmission to help fight against the spread of airborne pathogens.

Frenger's range of Active Chilled Beams can be designed to accommodate flexible workspace for future partitioning / Cellularization. The Chilled Beam units can be manufactured, sized, and oriented to a pre-agreed planning grid.

Frenger® have a wide variety of other options for their Active Chilled Beams such as 'Healthcare' versions with drop down heat exchanger for deep clean of all 4 sides of the heat exchanger battery, integrated extract valves, integrated lighting and much more.

You can learn more about the products Frenger® has to offer by visiting their products page or read more articles about the international projects Frenger® has supplied on their latest news page. Alternatively, you can contact their Office on 61 2 9006 1147 or