New £23m Catholic School utilises Frenger's Modula Radiant Heating Panels

Christ the Word Catholic School

The new school, located in Rhyl, Wales has been named 'Christ the Word Catholic School' and will combine Ysgol Mair Primary and Blessed Edward Jones Secondary into one much larger complex.

The school will open its doors to students aged 3 - 16 on the 1st September 2019 and will rely on Frenger's Modula and Water Driven Radiant Heating Panels to provide energy-efficient heating throughout the building. The project has been funded by both Denbighshire Council and the Welsh Government through its 21st Century Schools Programme.

What will be in the new building?

Since the new property is combining two neighbouring schools, it was vital that it contained a suitable number of facilities to maintain the intake of students. The new school will contain specialist classrooms such as music, design technology and science etc, a four-court sports hall, main hall, small hall, drama studio, an all-weather sports pitch and a chapel.

Modula - Radiant Heating Panel

Modula - Radiant Heating Panel

Frenger's Modula Radiant Heating Panel has been specifically designed for use in schools and healthcare environments.

Modula is an unobtrusive modular heating panel. The face of the panel is manufactured from 1.0mm thick smooth-faced steel panels and is designed to be integrated within a standard 24mm exposed grid ceiling system. Serpentine copper pipe coils are produced in-house on Frenger's full CNC serpentine bend machine from drums of a thousand meters to ensure no joints in the copper. The copper coils are expanded under pressure into extruded aluminium pipe seats to give high metal-to-metal contact and the pipe seats are securely bonded to the rear of the steel panels and insulated with Class O foil backed insulation.

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