Riverside House Salford, which utilises Frenger's 'Exposed' X-Wing Radiant Passive Chilled Beams with integrated LED Lighting, has recently been announced as the British Council for Offices (BCO) regional winner of the Workplace Fitout of the Year Award at this year's BCO Awards.

Riverside House, located in Salford, Manchester, spans four storeys totalling over 11,000 sq ft of office space. The property also includes the retention of two sides of a 19th century façade from the pre-existing building dating back to the mid 1800's.

The BCO judges appreciated the 'flexible and adaptable office space which enables agility and collaboration'. This was achieves by an MEP services strategy that utilised Frenger's 'Exposed' X-Wing Radiant Passive Chilled Beams comfort cooling, which helps limit the maintenance requirements within the space and offers the tenants high comfort levels, good space acoustics & low annual running costs (you can read more about this at hannan-uk.com).

Riverside House, Salford

Our X-Wing Radiant Passive Chilled Beams are an energy-efficient cooling solution in their own right, but by also incorporating LED lighting (in-house designed and manufactured by Frenger) this further helps to reduce the buildings carbon footprint and being 100% prefabricated and factory tested as part of the Chilled Beam (Plug & Play solution). This also saves on precious installation time and removes any on-site coordination issues.

X-Wing Radiant Passive Chilled Beam

X-Wing is constructed from copper and aluminium, which can be separated at end of the 30 year life expectancy, and is 100 percent recyclable. The copper coil is produces by Frenger's in-house fully automatic bespoke 'state of the art' full CNC serpentine bending machine, This produces seamless sinusoidal copper coils (without any joins, hence no risk of water leakage) up to 6m in length, with up to 12 water passes at 70mm tube centres. The aluminium radiant 'wings' are produces in-house by bespoke power press and roll forming machines, all of which are then automatically assembled by Frenger's full CNC controlled machine which mechanically bonds the 'radiant wings' to be in metal to metal contact with the seamless copper waterways for 100% encapsulation.