Cornice™ Active Chilled Beams

Cornice™ is one of Frenger's latest range of high performance Chilled Beams. Energy efficiency has been a key driver for such advancements in Frenger's Chilled Beam Technology.

Cornice™ is only 340mm deep and can achieve 630 W/m total cooling (based on 10dtK and 4.86 l/s for a beam supplied at 16°C with a 100Pa).

The Cornice™ beam contains a number of patented performance enhancing features and as can be expected from the Frenger's brand, the Cornice™ beam is designed to be easily tailored to suit the unique parameters of individual project sites, for the optimum product / system efficiencies. This is partly achieved by the "burst nozzle" arrangement that not only encourages induction, but also reduces noise. Given the size and amount of burst nozzles being appropriately quantified for each project, this provides consistent jet velocities, equal distribution of the air discharge and continuous induction through the heat exchanger (battery). There are no dead spots due to plugging back nozzles from a standard pitch or having to adjust the pressure in the system to suit the amount of open standard nozzle sizes as associated with many competitors' active beams as dead spots and / or reduced jet velocities decrease their cooling capacities / efficiencies.

Heat exchanger batteries are also fitted with extruded aluminium profiles to not only enhance performance but also provide a continuous clip on facility for the underplates. This arrangement keeps the underplates true and flat for long lengths, even up to 3.6m.

Cornice™ can be used in most types of commercial building (such as cellular offices, banks and hospitals) but are most suited to "Hotel Applications" with its facility to discreetly nestle in the corner along a back wall, usually directly above the bed location.

Cornice Multi-Service Chilled Beams in Hotel

All induced / recirculated room air is via the Frenger's unique air intake which conceals the inside workings of the active beam even when viewed from directly below, whilst an occupant is resting in bed for example. This is a "Registered Community Design" feature to the Frenger along with the other features and patented performance enhancing components.

Cornice™ discharges its reconditioned air (which is a mixture of circa 20% fresh air and 80% recirculated air) at high level out of the top of the unit which then entrains across the ceiling before gently dispersing and mixing with the room air.

Cornice™ can have a variety of different front fascias for different aesthetics. The front fascia is easily removable for cleaning purposes and / or access to the control valves which are neatly concealed behind the removable front fascia.

Cornice™ is available in any length from 1.8m up to 3.6m in 0.1m increments and has another useful design feature of "telescopic" extension ends from the end gables to "fine tune" onsite a "Wall to Wall" installation.

At a glance

  • Telescopic ends for full "Wall to Wall" installation.
  • Built-In Turn Down Functionality
  • Controls are (factory fitted or site fitted) concealed behind easily removable front fascia panel.
  • Lighting can be incorporated within the Cornice unit as an optional extra.
  • Different front fascia designs are available for Cornice
  • L.T.H.W heating function (4 pipe) is available
  • Acoustic options for sound reduction material to be added can be accommodated for "silent nights"
  • Air deflector on air intake for concealed internal components of the active beam for improved aesthetics when viewed from below

If you require any further information, or have a project to discuss, please contact us on 00 61 2 9006 1147 or as our technical team are here to assist.