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Do Radiator Covers Stop Heat?

If designed or installed incorrectly, Radiator Covers can block a significant part of the radiator's airflow, which would provide a loss in heat output from the radiator as most of its heat is provided via convection.

Frenger® designed their Armis LST Radiator Covers to have a negligible effect on the heat output from the radiator through the use of correctly sized perforation sections to allow the airflow that is required to facilitate convective heating from the encased radiator.

Frenger® offers four perforation designs as standard with alternative perforation pattern orientations designed to fit different design aesthetics available on request.

LST Radiator Cover Airflow

The radiator encased within the LST cover primarily relies on convection to generate heat, employing a cyclic process to release heat.

As part of this process, cool air enters through the lower perforated section of the cover, ascends, undergoes heating from the radiator, and ultimately exits through the perforated section at the top of the LST cover, providing comfortable heat into the space.

Armis LST Radiator Covers
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