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Frenger Systems® are specialists in the design, manufacture, and supply of highly efficient Chilled Beam solutions to Commercial, Educational, and Healthcare environment projects around the world.

Frenger's Chilled Beams draw upon high-performance technologies and patent granted design features to deliver cooling and heating to the highest industry standards in Thermal Comfort for the benefit of building occupants.

The video showcases Frenger's full range of Chilled Beam solutions and provides the benefits of each product. Frenger® employs professional project managers, designers, mechanical and electrical engineers to ensure all Chilled Beams are designed and manufactured to the highest possible quality.

As well as modelling the heating, cooling, and lighting performance using various specialist software, Frenger® also ulitise their in-house testing capabilities to undertake project-specific testing in their 3x Climatic Test Laboratories, measure product sound levels in their Acoustic Test Laboratory, and evaluate the performance of luminaires in their 2x Photometric Test Laboratories.

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