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Frenger® supplied the Engineering Building at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) with their Multi-Service Radiant Panels with LED lighting. Opened September 2019, the £23 Million (GBP) state-of-the-art building helps Nottingham Trent University to create 'the engineers of the future'.

Using a combination of Radiant Panel and MSCB technology, Frenger's Acoustic, Lighting, and Heating Rafts, otherwise known as Multi-Service Radiant Panels (MSRPs) are a free-hanging Radiant Heating Panel which have integrated LED lighting and acoustic sound absorbing properties.

These attractive units are 100% prefabricated offsite in a controlled factory environment by Frenger® and are fully tested before dispatch. Doing so enables for simple 'Plug and Play' onsite installation which significantly reduces onsite coordination and installation program time.

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