Pumping Life into Cardiac Construction: Frenger® supplies the Victorian Heart Hospital

Victorian Heart Hospital Inside

Frenger® are proud to have supplied Australia's first hospital specialising in Cardiac Care, the new $564 million (AUD) Victorian Heart Hospital with their Eco Healthcare Active Chilled Beams.

A partnership between the Victorian Government, the Victorian Health Building Authority and Monash University, the hospital, located in Clayton, Melbourne is helping to raise the profile of cardiovascular research, treatment, and training, with ready access to world leading expertise in nephrology, intensive care, and obstetrics, along with other specialist areas, which allows the hospital to provide the best possible treatment for patients in their care.

Major works on the site began in November 2019 with the land of the construction site contributed by partner Monash University at their Clayton Campus. With a strong focus on low environmental impact the hospital was constructed using locally sourced materials which helped to lower the buildings carbon footprint.

Frenger's Eco Healthcare Active Chilled Beams are manufactured from 100% recyclable materials which helped towards minimising the buildings environmental impact. Construction work on the site was completed in 2022, with the hospital opening in 2023 to welcome its first patients.

Project Update

Frenger® is delighted to hear that the Victorian Heart Hospital is the winner of the 2023 INDE.Award for the best design in the Health and Wellbeing Space.

The INDE. Awards are the benchmark for design awards across the Indo-Pacific region, celebrating the best and most creative design works of the year.

It is forecasted that within the first 5 years of operation, the hospital will deliver nearly $400 million (AUD) in economic benefit to the Victorian community, with more than $110 million (AUD) of this as a direct result of the hospital being co-located at Monash University. The project provided 1700 jobs during construction and will employ over 850 people across clinical care and research to work in the completed hospital.

Hospital Chilled Beams

Providing lifesaving diagnosis and treatment for thousands of patients each year the hospital has a strong focus on prevention, recovery, and rehabilitation, delivering up to 2,150 cardiac surgeries, 13,500 cardiac laboratory procedures and 60,000 consulting room consultations.

Featuring state-of-the-art facilities with laboratories for biomedical, engineering and biobanking alongside modern education spaces the hospital will help provide the highest quality education and training for undergraduate and postgraduate medical students, alongside providing PhD and master's placement opportunities.

Victorian Heart Hospital Chilled Beams

Designed to enhance the patients experience the hospital aims to provide significant benefits to patient's wellbeing through having a warm open environment with natural light and access to landscape outdoor spaces.

Frenger's Eco Healthcare Active Chilled Beams provides excellent Thermal Comfort by utilising fan-shaped distribution through their Air Management Discharge Vane technology (AMDV), which reduces the risk of high air speeds in the occupied zone to prevent the risk of draughts and maintains excellent levels of Thermal Comfort.

With high quality patient care and treatment, the hospital hopes to reduce the average length of stay, waiting times for non-urgent procedures and transfers between sites or units.

Eco Healthcare Active Chilled Beams

Healthcare Chilled Beam render

Frenger's energy efficient and low noise Eco Healthcare Active Chilled Beams are specifically designed with healthcare applications in mind. By introducing filtered primary fresh air from the AHU to the space via our Eco Healthcare Active Chilled Beams, coupled with all recirculated air via Frenger's closed cased beam design and extract air not being reused, this avoids any cross contamination with air from ceiling voids and/or other spaces.

The conditioned air from the Active Chilled Beams is distributed evenly throughout the space in a controlled manner with use of the Coanda Effect to entrain the conditioned air against the ceiling to ensure optimal Thermal Comfort levels and good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

Healthcare Chilled Beam drop down

Frenger's Eco Healthcare Active Chilled Beams are supplied as standard with a number of healthcare features such as a 'drop down' heat exchanger that can be easily inspected and cleaned to all 4 sides of the heat exchanger, as part of any periodic cleaning and maintenance as expected with healthcare applications.

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