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What do Radiator Covers Do?

Radiator Covers help to avoid injury caused by the high surface temperature of a radiator, by creating a gap between the radiator and the LST cover whilst having a negligible effect on the heat output of the radiator, as explained in Frenger's other FAQ - Do Radiator Covers Stop Heat? This is one of the main reasons behind installing a LST Radiator Cover.

Frenger's Armis Low Surface Temperature (LST) Radiator Covers can be installed across various applications such as educational, healthcare, care homes as well as domestic settings.

LST Radiator Cover Installation

Installing LST Radiator Covers is a great way to recover the lost space taken from the radiator, especially when space is at a premium within domestic applications. This allows homeowners to store items atop of the cover.

Frenger's Armis Covers are powder coated in white or black as standard, however a range of RAL colour options are available on request to suit any architectural aesthetics.

LST Radiator Cover Colours

Research has been done into the effects different colours can have on wellbeing and creating an atmosphere within a space. Find out more about how Radiator Covers provide a unique way to integrate colour into different environments.

Frenger® also offer a Healthcare variant of their Armis LST Radiator Cover, featuring a swing-down front cover that allows for convenient access to all internal surfaces of the encased radiator and the cover itself through a quarter-turn key entry/locking mechanism.

Healthcare LST Radiator Cover

This enables easy cleaning of the case and radiator but also the cleaning/maintenance can be carried out by one person quickly and efficiently without having to disassemble the case or without requiring the use of extra Facilities/Estates staff.

Ultimately, this reduces the maintenance time & staffing requirements and therefore reduces the overall maintenance costs and most importantly raises hygiene standard.

Additionally, the healthcare cover is finished with Anti-Bacterial RAL 9016 powder coat to all external & internal surfaces (other colours available on request as showcased above).

Armis LST Radiator Covers